About Etymon

Founded in December 2011, Etymon Communications & Brand Management Consultants is a team of experienced executives specialized in crisis management, media strategies and branding communications. We come from different backgrounds: media, consultancy and corporate sectors. We are based in Hong Kong with affiliate network reaches out to Mainland China and other parts of the region.

“Etymon” means the original version of a word. Words play a beneficial and essential role in communications and brand management. Without words, communication is less effective. Without understanding the meaning of the words during communications, it could be easy to get confused or being misinterpreted.

At Etymon, we the Etymonists believe in the power of communications.  Dialogue plays a critical role in both good times and bad.  We are dedicated to guide, advise and support our clients’ business missions with sensible, fresh and creative communications and branding strategies, and through implementing professional, solid and research based approach.